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Q1: What is the philosophy that drives Remote Staff?
Q2: What makes Remote Staff different from other offshore labor hire suppliers?

The greatest difference between Remote staff and our other offshore staffing suppliers is that we are a service orientated specializing in dealing with long term sustainable working relationships between offshore staff and their international clients.

We have invested heavily so we are able to offer quality customer support to clients and staff. In addition we are continuously focusing our efforts to improving our company procedures and adding extra layers of security to ensure that clients and staff are able to invest their time and energy into making this staffing model for them.

Q3: Why do clients prefer to do business with Remote Staff?
Q4: Why is hiring staff from Remote Staff still a preferred method to use by prospective clients even when these prospective clients personally have had the experience of and know how to hire offshore staff directly themselves?
Q5: Why do staff prefer to working with Remote Staff rather than with an dealing international client directly?
Questions about Remote Staff hiring processes
Q1: Is there any up front fees with the Remote Staffing Service?

No there are no upfront fees for Remote Staffing services.

Q2: Is there a trial period or assessment period available?
What is my minimum commitment period?
Q3: How does Remote Staff support me to make the right decision
when hiring the most suitable candidate for my company?
Q4: What is expected of the client during the recruitment process?
Questions about working with Remote Staff
Q1: Am I guaranteed specific work related outputs and results by
the contractors I hire from Remote Staff?

No. Due to Remote Staff having no direct involvement in the direction, guidance, and management of the working tasks of contracted staff, Remote Staff cannot be held accountable for outcomes rendered by contracted staff the client has personally selected to hire, however we guarantee staff are actually working for you or you do not pay for the time in question.

Q2: Is there, any assistance provided on daily work tasks and/or project management solutions offered by Remote Staff?
Q3: Who is responsible for the work performance quality of the contracted staff?
Q4: Do Clients have to provide any computers, equipment and software
to the offshore contracted staff to perform their work tasks?
Q5: Will the client have direct access to the contracted staff they hire or will the client be required to use Remote Staff as a "middle man" every time the client needs to communicate to the hired
contracted staff?
Q6: What are the procedures used to communicate with contracted staff only accessible via online?
Q7: Can Remote Staff contractors competently read, write and speak
English to communicate at a level I can feel confident with?
Q8: Do I communicate with staff by making international phone calls?
Q9: Where do Remote Staff contractors work from?
Q10: Are Remote Staff contractors exclusively working for me?
Q11: I have never worked with offshore contracted staff before and need a better understanding as to their capabilities and what I can expect when working with offshore staff.
Q12: How do we train and supervise the contracted staff working
outside the confines of our local office?
Q13: My business requires my staff to use Apple Mac Computers.
Does this mean I have to provide staff with an Apple Mac computer?
Questions about Remote Staff invoicing
Q1: Are contractors hired on per hour, monthly or yearly basis? What happens if the client only requires contracted staff for 1 day per week or 2hr per day? Is the client invoiced per assignment completed or per week/month worked?

As an effort to attract quality committed contractors to work with our clients over the long-term, Remote Staff only focuses on hiring full-time or part-time staff. It is our strict policy not to hire staff out for 1 day a week or 2 hrs per day as this is not a sustainable long term staffing solution and therefore we do not involve ourselves with this kind of short-term project based work.

Full-time contractors are required to work from Mon-Fri, 8 hrs a day and their shift is 9:00hr long with a 1hr lunch break and two short 10min breaks. Part-time contractors are expected to work from Mon-Fri, 4 hrs a day, with a 10min break every 2hr worked. For these staffing services a client will be invoiced on monthly basis. Remote Staff does not issue weekly invoices for wages, as our payroll system is design to be paid at the start of every month.

Q2: How often am I expected to pay contracted staff?
Q3:  Why is the client invoiced one month up front?
Q4: If a staff member does not work the hours they are scheduled to work during the month that I have paid for in advance, how does Remote Staff rectify this issue?
Q5: How are the hourly rates of staff calculated?
Q6: Who do I pay, the staff directly or Remote Staff /Think Innovations Company?
Q7: Can incentives and commissions be paid to staff in addition to their regular wages? If so how will it be implemented?
Q8: How do I know that the staff I hire are being paid a fair and reasonable wage?
What are Remote Staff's margins?
Questions about Remote Staff security
Q1: Does Remote Staff guarantee contractors are responsible and trustworthy?

At Remote Staff we eliminate the risks associated in working with contractors abroad, via home visits to confirm staff IDs, addresses as well as contacting past employers and referees to confirm previous work history. During these home visits we also validate computer equipment and Internet speeds are of a minimum professional standard required to perform work tasks. If you wish we are able to perform police clearances for an additional fee of $10. All staff sign individual contracts with Remote Staff only after they pass our stringent screening processes and as a result of these measures, we have never had an incident where contracted staff have breached our clients IP or proprietary business knowledge in anyway, proving that remote staff is a trusted supplier by staff and clients alike over time.

Q2: What measures are in place to ensure IP confidentiality?
Q3: What are the procedures undertaken in the situation of an unworkable relationship with a sub contacted staff member?
Q4: With online security becoming a global issue, how do I know my personal and private company details are safely guarded?
Questions about Remote Staff support
Q1: What type of support can I experience from the Remote Staff service?

Remote Staff provides a client support department which is available to contact 24 hours a day 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) via phone, Skype, email and Remote Staff chat application, though we advise that if you have any questions relating to support then please use the phone as this is the quickest way to deal with any inquiries.

We highly recommend you call our customer support team if you have any of these issues worth addressing:

  1. Questions relating to tools and resources you can utilize to make this remote set up work more efficiently in your business.
  2. Any questions regarding attendance and compliance of your staff members.
  3. Questions concerning culture and work style differences.
  4. Any suggestions and recommendations you feel we may have overlooked.
  5. Questions about the Remote Staff Transparency and Sub Contractor Management system (client portal).
  6. Hiring of a new staff member or a replacement staff
  7. Schedule changes.
  8. Overtime requests (if you want your staff to work more than the agreed hours)                            
  9. Contract cancellations/terminations/Staff replacement guarantee.
  10. Questions regarding invoices.