Craving for a Relaxed and More Flexible Workplace? Earn the Salary you Deserve by working with Remote Staff.

Below is a list of advantages:

No need to commute to work in the midst of traffic rush hour and pollution
  Though you need to wake up earlier than most (Australia is three hours ahead so you need to be online around 6 AM or 7 AM), you can easily manage by waking up 5 minutes before your working schedule. Just get online and you’re officially present for the day. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that.
You’re working in the most relaxed environment that you can ask for, your home
  Everything is right in your home, no worries about forgetting something. No hassle of interacting with an annoying co–worker. You are free to work in your pajamas if you wanted to.
Enjoy a less stressful working life and a more comfortable work environment
  You don’t need to always ask permission from the boss to do something. When a result is expected from you, you utilize your own resources and abilities to achieve it. You don’t run around the office, asking your “superiors” questions that have obvious answers. In short, you’re the manager of yourself when it comes to your work flow.
Working from home gives you flexibility and more lifestyle
  Efficient time and energy management can easily integrate more activities into your life. There’s more room to explore your social life because you will be less tired at the end of your working day.
Save up to 20% of your income working from home
  No transportation expense, less meal expense, no need to set aside budget for office clothing. It all boils down to saving a big part of your income.
Disadvantages remote contractor can face
See the list of challenges you might face when working from home:
Cocooned at home spending hours just in front of the computer
  Meeting people face to face can bring about new ideas, improve social skills, inspire and even develop fresh relationships. If you are the type who gets motivated with face to face competition, home based job is not for you. But there are many ways you could rejuvenate yourself after a long day working from home, one way is to pop out of your house for a simple walk or a catch up with friends at the end of each working day.
Working from home does take more self responsibility
  Some people that work from home become less productive while others increase their productivity. This mainly depends on your own willingness to take ownership of what you do at work. Keeping an open mind to accept and embrace change when working from home is one thing, you will quickly learn that the choices you make, your ability to respond and solve problems become critical to keeping your job.
Television, kids, pets can make one lose focus on work and become complacent
  The tendency to push back workload to the end of the day is highly probable and a big risk when working form home if you don’t have discipline. You will need to take on inner discipline and learn to work with priorities. To sum up, priorities on your TO DO LIST come first, not last at the end of each day.
Technology meltdown
  Slow internet connections, phone lines that drop, power interruption and computer crashes can happen. Since home based work is almost always technology dependent, no internet means no work.