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Complete our job specification form and we will customize our recruitment efforts to find you the right person for the job.

Our extensive experience and knowledge in the offshore recruitment industry goes way above and beyond the efforts used by most to finding the right people to work remotely in the job. At Remote Staff during our recruitment process, not only do we advertise in major media and classifieds with nation wide coverage, our in-house recruitment team actively access talent through different online job boards, through Google ads, contact schools, universities and various different professional organizations in addition to search online social networks and forums. This process requires our recruitment officers to work a minimum of 20 to 60 hours per job position, often screening 30 to 50 different candidates for the vacancy. We also purchase resumes outside of our 50,000 strong databases all as a collective effort to attract quality candidates for your available position.


You really have nothing to lose in taking up our free custom recruitment service because we don't require any financial commitment or obligation from you. Actually all we need from you is to complete our job specification form so we know what type of person you are looking to hire. To take advantage of this amazing offer you would need to agree with our terms so we could get started with the recruitment process for you today.

Below are our conditions of agreement to continue with the custom recruitment process:

  1. You are about to complete the job specification form. Soon after completion, one of our highly trained recruitment officers will contact you to review your requirements and discuss the appropriate staff price point before the recruitment process begins. Once the custom recruitment service has started you will be obligated to participate throughout the entire duration of the recruitment process. If you decide to cancel your custom recruitment service before it's full completion then you will be charged US$200 to cover our costs for this service.
  2. We only offer our custom recruitment solution to those clients seeking a long term staffing solution, not for those who are only interested in hiring someone for a few months or short-term project based work. Remote Staff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  3. You understand and acknowledge that it could take Remote Staff a week or two to find candidates for most job roles but in some cases where candidates require more specific and or specialized skill sets, the recruitment process could take longer than one month.
  4. When we finally endorse you up to two candidates at one time and we expect that you respond within a 48hour time frame so we can schedule an interview with the candidates. Also we will need your instant feedback and reasons for declining candidates so we can better streamline our recruitment process before we continue endorsing another two candidates. You acknowledge that the custom recruitment process is not about quantity but quality and it is very important that the recruitment team is always in-tune with your expectations.

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