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Client Testimonials & Remote Staff News

Enterprising entrepreneurs & managers who are making the decision to hire offshore staff professionals to work remotely with Remote Staff right now gain a significant competitive advantage and profit margin over their competitors. We work with small to medium businesses seeking extra capacities to meet working demands of their growing businesses. We have seen our clients businesses go from strength to strength by mixing both remote and locally based staffing strategies.

"Virtual office becomes a reality" Small businesses are starting to take advantage of cheap overseas labour by outsourcing work such as marketing, web design and office administration. Budding entrepreneurs say that thanks to the internet, they have been able to source white collar workers from overseas at a significantly lower cost than in Australia.

Australian Broadcasting

Broadcast: 02/02/2010
Reporter: Thea Dikeos

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Ludwina D.
Youtube Video

“ searched and found me an an offshore professional assistant to work remotely with me, who met my criteria based on my job description I gave to them. I can tell you it was the best thing I have done. Now my remotestaff assistant puts my videos live on the website, does my SEO work on the website and is teaching me things along the way as well. All my websites, blog’s and social marketing efforts online are up to date. Anytime I need help on a new task she is there ready and waiting. She is dedicated to my work and does an absolutely fantastic job. I know that I am also making a difference to her life as she is a single Mum with a daughter. So knowing that I am supporting her to be able to work professionally from home and be there for her daughter is a good feeling.

She is online each day with Skype and email and Remote Staff keep track of her work and hours all on my behalf. It took me about two weeks to settle in with having her set-up and now she pretty much runs a lot of my work. I actually feel a lot freer again and have more time for my kids and more time to sleep."

Justine P.
Stockmarket trader &
Best Selling Author of Smart Trading Plans

"Just thought I let you know that we have been working very closely with Rhiza, Remote staff Client support and she has spent a lot of time helping our staff Sharon and us with installation of Software (Skype recording, dropbox) and troubleshooting various issues.

She has been a pleasure to work with, always available, patient and very friendly and helpful and I have no idea what we would have done without her support!"

Nadine N.
Business Development
iStar Networks | Excellence in Technology

“I use a staff member from Remote Staff who’s currently in Taiwan, but who began working with me when she was in the Philippines. I also use a virtual assistant in Brisbane, and I am based in Perth with clients around Australia, in New Zealand, the US, the UK and South Africa. I am a truly global business!

When launching Home Biz Chicks I knew that I would require virtual assistance as I was three months pregnant. I wanted to ensure that service for members continued smoothly when I went on maternity leave (Sept 09). I also didn’t want the hassle of hiring staff and dealing with staff issues – plus I work from home so can’t cater for staff to be physically located with me. I also had trouble finding suitable contractors in Australia who were affordably priced. My main need was for help with online services as the majority of products and services are virtual – so I needed a hand with e-newsletters, web site maintenance and web page creation. I came across Remote Staff at a networking event, and have been pleasantly surprised by the service. I was able to go on maternity leave knowing the business would continue to operate without me and with no high overheads.

I had never considered using a virtual assistant from overseas before hand, but the price and professionalism afforded by Remote Staff made it a ‘no brainer’. My assistant, Kim, began with me in June of 2009. During that time she moved to Taiwan for studies and will return to the Philippines soon. The fact that she was able to move countries, while continuing to provide a great service for me was fantastic. I didn’t have to worry about losing her and then finding someone else. We can continue to operate together no matter where we are in the world – as long as you have an internet connection.“

Sue P.
The ultimate resource for women working from home

“We have tried many design companies but they are expensive and slow. Since we have a full time designer with now things have been moving a lot faster for us and we have been able to hire more staff in our Australian office. We have big plans over 2010 which includes hiring both more onsite employees and remote staff employees like programmers and a SEO manager with“


“Since engaging a telemarketer with in November 2008, and after training one of its outsourced staff, Ness Consulting has built a sales pipeline totalling $2.3M for one of its clients; a great result given that this results come within the traditionally slower festive season.

Very happy with the solid controls put in place by RemoteStaff to ensure a positive outsourced staffing experience. My staff work together with me on a day to day basis and the experience is just like having the staff working from the next room, rather than in another country.“

Myles U.
Ness Consulting
Business development and Lead generation service to IT and Telco industry clients.

“Kudos to Remote Staff in-house staff, Theriza for the professional manner she handled the whole process working with our company. She was very gracious working under pressure and definitely an asset to the Remote staff company.“

Alex S.

“Over the next few years my intention is to use as my back end offshore staffing supplier to run my entire New Business Development team via Remote Staff and all 24/7 IT Support. Right now we are contracting one staff.“

Fernando P.
Virtualtech Consulting

“My experiences with remote staff thus far as been very professional and timely. After giving them a very specific criteria for the type of individuals we were seeking, I was provided a list of suited and skilled candidates.

We have 14 full time Remote staff working for us, each person assisting in the growth and success for our company.

I would highly recommenced Remote staff an intelligent and cost effective option.“

Oskar S.

"It has helped my business grow from strength to strength. Having another member of staff I can rely on to produce amazing work, gives me the confidence to go out and pick up more work! Mike, my remote staffer, is an absolute champion! He is proactive, helpful, extraordinarily knowledgeable and always willing to tackle new projects head on.

I am happy to refer a lot of my small businesses clients wanting to expand to become medium businesses, I share how, with Remote Staff, they can push their business into the next productivity bracket."

Thanks again!

Craig N.

“The CEO of Remote Staff Chris Jankulovski was recently approached for an interviewed by the well respected entrepreneurial website This website specifically targets successful entrepreneurs to share their personal stories about the rise of their companies, their motivations and how the made it happen so that fellow budding entrepreneurs can be inspired to reach for the sky and achieve their goals. Find out what inspires Chris Jankulovski to build and continue to grow Remote Staff into one of the worlds leading virtual companies today."
Posted on April 18,2011

“My remote staff web designer allows me to deliver existing projects faster and easier. But now it also lets me enhance my services to deliver more to my clients, because i have hired someone with a bigger skill set and more experience. By hiring my offshore staff with I have double my return and saved 80 hours per month on my time each month.“

Tom A.
Web Creation Technologies

“I couldn’t afford to pay $45,000 to hire someone to answer the basic questions in a call centre capacity for my business. I was trying to save cost by employing Uni students but they didn’t want the work so I looked for other staffing options. I came across and found for a fraction of the price (Approximately 12k a year) I was able to hire someone overseas who doesn’t have the same opportunities that we take for granted, she was hard-working, diligent and very friendly to our customers at levels you seldom see in customer service these days."

“Bringing my VA (Virtual assistant) on board has allowed me to sell my CV writing service and offer a better employment service to my clients, in turn helping more Australians get employed. Thanks to my assistant I have more time to focus on marketing and increasing my brand awareness whilst my remotestaff employee holds the fort and deals with all the calls and questions. The feedback I’ve received from my clients about my assistant has been fantastic!"

Tom A.
APEC Sales Director

“I just transitioned from another outsourcing company that placed with me a legal assistant that supposedly had 3 years of experience and I was paying twice the price of what it being charged by Remote Staff . Remote Staff placed with me a far superior assistant who not only has greater abilities to the other outsourcing company's staff member, but the Remote Staff member has superior language skills to those of many of the local job applicants. Keep up the good work!"

James L.
Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

“Remote Staff have empowered our web marketing/design business to push past 50 new clients this year. This success has only been possible through the support of Remote Staff contractors. I now have a web designer called Cat who totally gets what I need done on the first go - I couldn't be happier with her initiative, performance and communication skills. Remote Staff is now a critical component in our business and is enabling us to manage our growth while maintaining profit margins, ensuring a cost-effective service for our clients. I can confidently say that Remote Staff is the leading Australian supplier in offshore staffing solutions.“

Nick J.
Thesis Edit.

“My experience with Remote Staff has exceeded our expectations on cost and benefit, the systems of communication where simple and reliable, The staff member you help find for us was perfect and I have to say will add great value to our organization.It is refreshing in this economic climate to have company like Remote Staff who really care about our success."

Will S.
Macau Capital Trust

“I have been amazed with the outstanding service, especially their customer/staff relationship managers Elaine. She has been fast and consistent in returning our calls/ emails and anything that needed urgent attention. It’s important to note that took the time to really provide solutions and I have witnessed first hand the level of care offered by team in treating our business like it was their own business! I just needed to send this email to congratulate Remote Staff for having such a dedicated team, we have full trust that our business will be in good hands with and we have full confidence in continuing to grow our offshore staffing needs with“

Emir M.

“I’ve had many interesting experiences with Chris J. over the years; experiences that let you get to know the quality of the man and his soul. I’ve seen him not panic when he was in the cockpit of my plane when it caught on fire. I’ve seen him jogging on a beach with a smile on his face just days after a brain tumour operation. Whatever Chris J may teach or offer you will be useful, but it’s the character of the man I most admire, and in due course you will too.”

Peter B.
$1.5 Billion dollar LINC
Energy company chief, Peter Bond,
now in the top 200 BRW rich list in Australia
has this to say about Chris Jankulovski CEO of Remote Staff.

"Remote Staff has been the best kept secret around. I'm so glad my competitors don't know about it! We hired a personal assistant and she has been fantastic. We are now hiring more staff as well. It's amazing how talented the staff are that are working with us now. They are so professional and have a very strong work ethic. More importantly, they truly do care about our success, and that is the most value of all. They are reliable and task oriented, exactly what you want in a staff person. Remote Staff is a world-class company and their staff they have access to are second to none."

Ari G.,
Founder, Unlock The Game & ChatWise

“Thank you RemoteStaff and the in-house team for the service my company has received over the past year. I can truly say that not only are some of your technical staff that I have placed on my team, the best technical talent I have worked with in 20 years, but your support staff are there at every turn and anticipate most every need. Through diligence, accommodation, and flexibility your team (both placed resources & support staff) ensures that mine is achieving its goals and exceeding expectations.

Most particularly, I want to single out Rhiza & PJ. These 2 individuals have been more than just representatives of RemoteStaff for my company. They became integral parts of helping our business not just function, but excel. We are now the market space leader in several of the areas we compete – and we owe that in part to their hard work.

Once again, I want to thank you and your complete team for everything you have done, and I look forward to a very successful and expanding engagement.”

Matt V.

"Remote Staff goes the extra mile to help me as the client get what i really want in my staff. Their terms that do not lock you in for anything are simply amazing and their support process is far superior then any other supplier in offshore staffing industry around the world."

Dr. Boaz G.

"Just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled to have Cres on board with us. He seems to fully understand exactly what we want and has a very similar working style to me - ie, very detailed oriented.
Based on the last 2 days, he will be a very valuable asset to our business. Plus a whole load off my mind!
Thanks again for your efforts in making this happen.
I can't praise Remote Staff enough - your service has been outstanding."

Very Happy!


Client Industry Breakdown

This client industry breakdown displays the 100 clients who have used Remote Staff as a solution to their staffing needs in the past 3 months.The information presented illustrates the different kinds of Industries from where our clients originate, the people responsible for hiring new staff, a brief company description of the client and the job positions hired with an explanation of the job roles. See what types of remote staff are hired in your industry.


  • Web Design & Development
  • Web Hosting & CMS
  • Software Distribution
  • IT Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Online Sales & Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • SEO
  • Mobile Communications
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Printing Industries
  • Arts & Photography
  • Graphic Design & Development
  • Fashion Industry
  • Events Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Fund Raising Industry
  • Education & Corporate Training
  • Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Health Industries
  • Retail Industries
  • Safety Industries
  • Security Industry
  • Relationship Industry
  • Waste Disposals Industry
  • Imports & Distribution
  • Insurance Industry
  • Business Management
  • Landscape & Gardening
  • Green Industries
  • Funeral Services
  • Construction Buiding Supplies
  • Immigration Law