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Earn commission by referring prospective clients to Remote Staff

If you like what Remote Staff has to offer to small businesses and you are interested in referring colleagues, or would like to talk with us about joint venture opportunities to market remote staff services to your network we welcome you to complete our referral partnership program form and one of our business developers will connect with you in 48 hours.

How the referral commissions are calculated:

For every successful referral that converts into a client who orders staff, we will make a one off commission payment of AUD$150 per full-time and per part-time staff placement. The commission will be credited every 7 weeks into your bank account in Australian Dollars or equivalent USD or GBP currencies.

In the event that a client sub-contracts more than one full-time contractor, Remote Staff will pay commissions accordingly, i.e. Two successful full-time staff placements will result in a AUD$300 payment etc. Commissions are paid on any orders placed within the first 4 months from the commencement working day of the staff, if the commencement date was at the start of the year and the client orders his second staff towards the end of the year, the second staff order would be considered outside the first 4 months commission window and therefore no commission would be made on that 2nd staff order.

As a referral partner of Remote Staff, we believe that if you take the time to refer potential business clients our way, it is important on our part to always keep you informed to what is happening with your lead. As a result, we have developed our own CRM system to link with the referral system where you would be able to place new leads and have full transparency. Once we make contact with the person you have referred, you will be able to see your lead move into one of the following folders:

  • Follow up folder
    where we move your referral once he/she has been contacted, it will be placed in follow up folder for future contact over the next few weeks;
  • Keep in touch folder
    where a lead is transferred if there isn't a staffing need within the month or two but your referral wants us to stay in touch with remote staff;
  • Pending folder
    when someone has agreed to take up our service and is looking to move forward right away or within a few weeks with a staff member;
  • Non client folder
    when it has been determined that your lead is not interested in taking up the Remote Staff service;
  • Client folder
    when someone has requested Remote Staff to seek an offshore staff professional to work remotely with them.

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Please take a moment to complete the referral partnership form and give us 48 hours to approve of your application. Once approved you will be given access online to view remote staff advertising banners, email marketing content, be able to create links to track clicks and conversions through our referrals partnership login with Remote Staff.

We look forward to your assistants in helping us reach our target goal of 1,000 staff contracted by the end of 2012.