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The Remote Staff Story

Our story began in November 2007 when we saw a need to assist International clients in working with Filipino staff.

Starting out in the beaches of Bondi, we set out with the goal of offering recruitment, technology and support to businesses seeking Filipino remote staff. Quickly growing to meet the demand, in 2012 we decided to invest in Filipino headquarters to further embed ourselves in the culture and market.

Our move to Manila proved to be a huge advantage, uniquely positioning us to offer unmatched support for both Filipino contractors and International businesses. For Filipino staff, we are a local employer they can trust and rely on long-term. For international businesses, our local presence in the Philippines guarantees they access the top talent in the market at the best rates.

Today Remote Staff has grown into a team of over 70 staff headquartered in the CBD district of Makati, Manila. We've built an exclusive network of over 100,000 screened and vetted candidates. And experienced the privilege of helping more than 1,900 businesses succeed with remote staffing. Will you be next?


Partner with the market leader in Filipino remote staffing

Since our inception we have continuously improved our business to offer the greatest value in the market:

Our People
With a team of over 70 of the brightest Filipino recruitment specialists and staffing consultants, you'll have the support you need to overcome any remote staffing challenge.

We've helped hundreds of business cut costs and grow their operations with remote staff. No matter what difficulties you run into, you'll have a team that you can call on to make things work.

Our Technology
Technology is core to our business. We provide you with custom-built technology platforms that are there to make your remote staffing experience easier.

From screen recording tools to monitor staff, to workflow technology to make managing projects easy, you get access to all the tools to make remote staffing work.

Your Success
As a business, we invest in you upfront by handling recruitment, qualifying and connecting you with the best candidates.

The truth is we only grow as a business if we can make remote staffing work for you long-term. We are invested in your success.

Remote Staff's Manila headquarters

Our office provides a central base where our core staff of managers, recruiters, staffing consultant, hiring coordinators and more can collaborate together to offer you the highest-level support.

Company Vision and Mission Statement

Chris Jankulovski
Founder and CEO

"We have a vision of a world where talented Filipinos can have lifelong work from home careers. "

"Our mission is to create a network of thousands of jobs for qualified Filipino staff our clients can depend on."

Remote Staff Christmas Party 2014

Remote Staff's 7 Core Values

1. Communication Instant communication is crucial to developing healthy working relationships between contractors and clients

How do we do it?
- Staff work same time zones as clients
- 3 minute Skype rule
- Screen sharing technology

2. Reliability For you and your contractor, a mutual long-term commitment to each other is essential to build trust

How do we do it?
- Screening process rules out short-term job seekers
- Customer support team are there to help
- Clear, tracked and agreed to working hours

3. Transparency When hiring remotely you need to know your contractor is in fact working and not wasting time not being productive

How do we do it?
- 5 minute screenshots
- 20 to 30 minute activity trackers
- Computer and application monitoring

4. Hard work With the right mindset, there's no reason hard work can't be done in or outside of an office environment

How do we do it?
- Overtime is encouraged to meet deadlines
- Contractors make a commitment to be online and accessible during their shifts

5. Family Work life balance is maximised when professionals have the freedom to work from home

How do we do it?
- 95% of staff are home-based professionals
- Formalised paperwork to support home loan applications
- Lifetime rehiring opportunities for quality contractors

6. Lifestyle With the freedom to work from home, jobs are appreciated and valued, increasing commitment and productivity

How do we do it?
- Safer working and travel conditions
- Freedom to work anywhere in the world
- Lunch and tea breaks guaranteed

7. Security Your contractor is relying on his long-term job security as much as you are relying on their long-term commitment to the job

How do we do it?
- We visit candidate's homes to confirm they have professional equipment
- Systems and technology to confirm staff are online and performing work duties
- Our staff replacement guarantee

The Remote Staff Family

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